Should I retake 2210?

<p>I know everybody is asking if they should retake their SAT and I'm sorry if this is repetitive but I got 2210 on my may SAT 650CR, 760M, 800W and I was wondering if i should retake to improve my CR score. My ideal colleges are UC Berkeley, U of Chicago, U of Penn, Michigan University, and UCLA. If you don't think I should retake, should I try and study for the A.C.T this summer?</p>

<p>I think you should retake the SAT next year. My friend is in a similar situation with math as his low score, and he is retaking it next year. You have very nice Math and Writing scores though.</p>

<p>That is such an excellent score, but you could take it again to see if you can raise the CR score. Did you order Question-And Answer service? If not, do it as soon as you can. You will get the booklet back and then can figure out what you missed and further study (perhaps more vocab - maybe that’s all it will take.) You could try ACT but it is different. If you get the red ACT book, it has real tests and answers in the back. You could always try it in September and SAT in October.</p>

<p>Ya i ordered the qas and will be going through it extensively. I’m just scared that if I take the sat again, my overall score may be lower because I think it was pretty lucky for me to get an 800 on Writing.</p>


<p>I think UCs allow you to pick the best score from each section so I wouldn’t worry too much about getting a lower score in writing. Concentrate on getting your CR up.</p>