Should I retake a 1540 SAT?

In total, I have taken the SAT two times. The first time (March SAT), I scored a 1490 (730 math & 760 english). The second time (June SAT), I scored a 1540 (770 Math & 770 English). The curve for the June test was historically harsh and I got only 1 math question wrong but still had 30 points taken off. I’m planning on applying to to HYPS and was wondering whether I should take the free, school administered SAT this coming October. Is it worth it to retake and try to get my math score up another 20 or 30 points for the superscore, or would the colleges frown at me for taking it three times?

Forgot to add that my essay scored an 8/6/8

You could do more Math practice test and retake one.1540 is high enough for most top-tier schools though.

IMO, you shouldn’t take the SAT again. I’m sure that you knew almost all of the content, and chances are, you will end up making a careless error or forgetting something on your retake and getting a lower score in math. Also, considering that colleges look at all of your SAT scores, even if they superscore it, I would be cautious about taking it more than twice.

For a lot of competitive schools, there is a certain threshold that they expect applicants to surpass (around your score) and once they are there, the specific score doesn’t matter too much.

Also, your essay scores are really good, but those often don’t matter as much as the actual admissions essays.

While I know nothing but your previous SAT scores, I would highly recommend doing some sort of extracurricular in the time you would’ve spent preparing for the SAT. You really don’t want to show colleges that you are going to give up time for extracurriculars by improving by a marginal amount (or scoring lower).

IMPORTANT: I am just reading a tiny bit of information about you. Given that information, this is the best answer I can give. However, think about all of your extracurriculars, grades, Subject Tests, and the other facets of the college application process. If any of them need some work, I would spend time on that instead of the SAT.

Those scores will put you past any screen. A higher score will not make you more attractive. Invest your time in other things that interest you.

@gardenstategal is spot on. There is no difference between 770 and 800. Both are 99th percentile and schools know that. Be proud and move on. BTW, if it makes you feel any better, my son missed one and it dropped him to a 760. Dooh!

Definitely not, taking it more than twice with your scores will send a signal that you’re too test focused. Even if you are, you don’t want to give off that impression.

Only 17000 students or so out of 1.8mm scored 1540 or above. Only 37k above 1500.

There is no difference at that level. They rate you on academics numerically. Above 1500 is strong, if gpa follows, say 3.9 plus and high high rigor you’ll score the near or at the highest.
Then they move on to the other sections.

Once you’ve maxed your points you’ve maxed your points.

1540 is definately near the top.

Spend time on the other sections. That’s the make or break after gpa and class rigor.