Should I retake a 1540?

So I got a 1490 (760 M, 730 EBRW, 6/4/6 on the essay) in October 2019. I took the September 2020 ACT and got a 35 (36 M, 33 S, 35 R, 35 E). I took the September 2020 SAT as well and got a 1540 (760 M, 780 EBRW). I am signed up for the November SAT. I don’t plan on studying for it and intend to just take it to see how it goes because I had a fee waiver, so it would cost me nothing except for four hours of my Saturday. However, since I got a 1540, I don’t want to seem test-obsessed. What should I do?

Notes: I go to a bay-area type crazy competitive high school. I think the average SAT is probably like 1520 and the average ACT is 34. I plan on majoring in Education and Biology and am applying mainly to LACs (Bowdoin, Williams, Amherst, Wellesley etc.), UVA, and Vanderbilt (to be frank I hate UVA and Vandy but their Education programs are top tier). I’m an ORM and my GPA is 4.37

I see no point in retaking with a 1540. You probably are aware that test scores at that level are not going to make a difference between acceptance and rejection.

Why do you hate Vandy? My daughter has it on her list and has never seen it.

The question is: you want a more perfect set of scores or you want to successfully apply to those colleges? Put your efforts into the right moves- not retaking.

The ACT is great and the SAT is fine. Done. Now do you understand what matters in the rest of your app/supps? How holistic will review you and for what qualities? Do your ECs adequately reflect this interest in education and bio? Don’t get distracted by this pursuit of what you think are better scores.

Given that you’ve already taken three standardized tests, it’s unlikely that you’ll see a meaningful increase, if any. If you’re not prepping, even less so.

A third SAT/fourth overall test isn’t going to raise eyebrows as being too many, but unless you just enjoy taking tests, I wouldn’t bother.

Fwiw, 35 (34.75) and 1540 are exact equivalents on the official concordance.

And fwiw, I’m looking at the components. 760/780 and the ACT subscores. Now OP has to watch for attitude that might come through.

yo chill :frowning: im literally just wondering bruh no need to come for my aTtItUdE lol

@Lindagaf @RichInPitt @lookingforward thank you so much for the advice!! what you all said makes sense. i am gonna go ahead and cancel the nov test (which i had signed up for back in august).

@massmom2018 i have never seen it either but it’s too big and extroverted for me. i also really want a school with 0 greek life and vandy seems to be pretty big on greek

That makes sense. My son is at Colby and is loving his experience even this semester. If you think you want a LAC I would say go for that. My daughter is afraid the nescac schools are too small which my son hasn’t found at all. Congrats on your score by the way and good luck!!

Don’t take it again. No need. Don’t apply to schols you don’t want to go to. You might end up only getting into those schools. Prestige matters less than what you want.