Should I retake an general elective class I got a C- in freshmen year?

I got a C- in an easy 101 class which was just for my general elective. I was just a naive freshmen and it’s annoying how I got a bad grade in such an easy class. At my university, if I retake the new class it will be calculated into my GPA and then the C- will not be calculated in my GPA anymore. Is it worth it or should I just move on?

In most cases, it is not worth the bother. Note that repeating puts you behind on credits, and you may not necessarily do that much better.

There may be some uncommon special situations where the small improvement in GPA may matter, but you did not mention your GPA or any GPA dependent situation you are in.

I don’t think it would put me behind in credits though since I would be taken 15 credits anyways. Adding the retake would put me at 18 credits but I’ll be paying the same amount of money so why not? But still, I’m actually not 100% sure I’ll get an A since it’s been a while, but even a B would still raise my GPA though.

No one can really help you if you do not mention your GPA, how much the retake could help your GPA, and whether you are trying for something that requires meeting a GPA threshold.

Also, taking 18 instead of 15 credits means more work, which may reduce the time available to spend on your other courses.

Learn your lesson and move on.