Should I retake AP Macroeconomics if I score a 3, or retake both AP Micro & Macro since I didn't get a score I expected?

Hi, I took AP Macro & Microeconomics this year, but I didn’t get a satisfactory score scoring a 3 for Macroeconomics and 4 for Microeconomics. I was wondering if I should retake only Macro or retake both so that I can try to get a 5 next time. But like for the 2023 AP Macroeconomics college board made 2 major changes to what we originally studied from this year and I have to review all that by myself, plus taking 4 other APs in G11.
I really want to know what’s the best choice? What do you guys think?

No need to retake the AP exams. If your college awards credit for 3s and 4s and you plan to be an econ major, retake the intro econ courses. If not, ok to take the credit for gen eds/electives. If your college doesn’t give credit, moot issue.


Oh ok, thanks for the advice, well I’m definitely not planning on taking an econ major