Should I retake Calc 2 and 3??

I’m going to be attending the university of minnesota twin cities to study chemical engineering in the fall,and although I’m not a transfer student, I have taken calculus 2 and 3 at a local community college and am looking for some advice on whether or not I should take the credit. Although I passed calc 2, and most likely will pass calc 3, with an A, the professor I had for both classes is notoriously easy. To be frank, I slacked off a lot, and the amount I learned in the class is questionable. As a chemical engineering major, I know that calculus is going to be very important later on. My question is, should I take the credits for these two classes and jump straight into diff eq ,or should I retake calc 2 and 3 at umntc, even though it’ll cost even more money?? Any input would be appreciated.

Try the old calculus 2 and 3 final exams from UMNTC to see how well you know the material based on the expectations of UMNTC.