Should I retake classes over the summer?

Hey, I have wanted to ask if I should repeat some classes in the summer to raise my unweighted GPA. I’m an African American, first-generation male; and I currently have a 3.73 unweighted GPA (a factor that resulted in the low GPA is ADHD). Although my weighted GPA is a 4.8, should I repeat courses I have received a B in to raise my GPA to about a 3.8? These courses will be tagged, letting colleges know that I have retaken the courses over the summer. What do you guys think? Should I take the risk and increase my unweighted GPA or keep it the way it is?

Retaking a B is a waste of time that can be better spent elsewhere. Shame on the HS that even allows this.


@skieurope Thank you for your reply. Yes, retaking classes I’ve had B’s in may seem like a waste of time but my EC’s can only take me so far. A 3.73 and a 3.8 are very different when compared to each other, which is why I am willing to sacrifice the time to achieve that GPA if it is worth the repeat tags on my transcript and the time spent.

Don’t you have something better to do with your time? Retaking a course that you got a B in is going to make you look like a grade grubber - not a good look. I think the negative impression that you will give from retaking a course that you got a B in, will cancel out any bump you may get from the increased GPA.


I am not sure how elite privates handle it but, I am almost certain that the UCs won’t replace a passing grade with a higher passing grade when they calculate your GPA. I can’t quickly find a link that verifies that as their current practice so verify for yourself.

IMHO - you are probably better served using the time on an EC or another course.

good luck

1 Like says (for UC) “The first instance of a letter grade C or better will be used in the GPA calculation.”

Agree that even if a college does not have a specific policy, repeating a B grade looks like grade-grubbing with negative implications to an admissions reader.

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