Should I retake either Math II or Chem?

<p>I'm interested in getting into Cornell, or even possibly MIT (if I get lucky) for engineering, and I'm wondering if I should retake either of these subject tests:
Math II: 770 (I know it's pretty high but so many 800s out there...)
Chem: 720 (a little lower than I'd hoped0</p>

<p>Thanks! Any advice greatly apprecited. I didn't formally prepare for either of the tests (just took AP Chem and Math Analysis this school year) just fyi.</p>

<p>THat depends on how you think you should've done and how good you are at each subject. I got a 770 on both Math 2 and Chem, and i'm really happy with my chem but might retake math since I think I can get an 800.</p>

<p>Is the difference between 770 and 800 really worth retaking over? Or is it more a matter of "I should have gotten an 800"? I think I can get an 800 but would it be worth it to retake either? I think I could improve chem by getting a prep book, which I didn't do this time. But I also won't be fresh off an AP Chem class...</p>

<p>Actually, since the gaussian curve for math II is so high, definitely retake it if you plan to go into MIT. For chem, it's up to you to decide, I guess.</p>