should i retake my sat? (1510, first time)

i’m currently a junior and i took the october 3rd sat, i got a 1510 composite (770 ebrw and 740 math - i got 3 wrong on the math). my goal was a 1550, but i would’ve been happy with a 1530, and i was honestly expecting worse than i did. 1510 isn’t a huge gap from my minimum, but should i retake it since it was only my first try or would that be a waste of time?

i’m not sure what i want to major in, but it will likely be something in STEM and i know if i studied more i could get a 770-800 for math. my dream schools are princeton, harvard, and mit… i’ll be taking the subject tests for math 2 and physics as well, planning for a 780+ for both (not sure if that changes the need to retake the sat)

MIT does not accept Subject Tests.

If you think you can boost the 740 with minimal prep, go for it. If it will require a lot of prep, your time is better spent on essays.

I don’t think it would make a big difference, unless you feel like your strongest point is your academics,

You’re only a junior and have plenty of time. If you’re planning on STEM and top schools, you should retake it. The math is easy to raise with some studying.

For MIT and a very small number of others, I think that improving a M740 to 770+ could be meaningful.

From MIT’s acceptance rate statistics:

Math 750-800 - 10%

Math 700-740 - 1%

There are probably correlations between this score and other application components, but that statistic is hard to ignore (even looking at it as 9.53% vs. 1.42%)

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