Should I retake my SAT's or focus on college applications?

In the March adminstration of the SAT, I got a score of 1530 (760 R//W, 770 M). I’m looking to apply for some STEM/engineering schools (Georgia Tech, MIT, UC Berkeley/UCLA). I’m not sure if my 1530 is high enough, but should I focus on retaking the SAT for a better score, or focus on my college apps?

For context, here’s a bit abt me:

-No ACT or SAT Subject Tests (damn you COVID)
-GPA: 4.00 UW/ 4.93 W

AP Tests:
-AP Physics 1 (5)
-AP Physics C: Mechanics (5)
-AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism (5)
-AP Calculus BC (5) (AB Subscore: 5)
-AP English Language (5)
-AP Human Geography (5)
-AP US History (5)
-AP US Government (5)
-AP Biology (4)
-AP Chemistry (4)
-AP Microeconomics (4)
-AP Chinese (4, IDK if I want to submit this, I’m Chinese lol)
-AP Comparative Government (4)

-Science research project finalist award at virtual INSPOScience Research and Innovation Competition
-Out-of-school research on synthetic biology project with local uni professor
-President of school’s Quizbowl and History Bowl Clubs (founded the latter)
-Treasurer of my school’s When We All Vote club
-Officer in school NHS chapter
-Volunteering for When We All Vote
-Volunteered for Bernie 2020 Campaign
-Volunteering for Kara Tutoring
-National Merit Semifinalist
-National Qualifier at HSNCT, NHBB National Competitions (Quizbowl and History Bowl)

-JSA Summer Program at Stanford (2019)
-Phonebanking for Ishanne Leckey’s campaign alongside other Brand New Congress candidates

1530’s good, you’ll be fine. It’s ~35 on ACT IIRC from the conversion tables. Focus on perfecting your apps.

If it’s an either/or question, I’d certainly focus on your applications.

Of the schools listed, MIT is the only one where a 1530 wouldn’t be well “above the bar”. At MIT is would be at or near the median. Unless you have a reason to believe you would improve your score by 20 points or more (practice tests, silly mistake from QAS, etc.), I doubt it’s worth taking time away from improving other parts of an application.