Should I Retake SAT/ACT ?

<p>Next fall I will enter my junior year in high school. This June, I decided that I wanted to get ahead of the game and take a practice round of my sat/acts. I honestly didn't expect to do very well-- I studied a bit in the days after school let out. But I ended up with a 2380 in the SAT(780 writing, 9 essay) and a 36 in the ACT (9 essay). I was really REALLY overjoyed, and at the time the lackluster essay grades bothered me only a little bit. But now I've been strongly advised by my mother to retake them both. </p>

<p>Here is her reasoning: She feels that since I have plenty of time to study up and retake them next fall, I should be able to do as well as I did this June, plus patching up the essay grade. I plan to apply to mostly Ivy League schools and premier liberal arts colleges, and I have to admit that the 9 on both essays would mar the nice accent those test scores add to my application. And I do admit, I don't want to give colleges any reason not to accept me.</p>

<p>But I know that I was lucky. I'm afraid to retake them because it's quite likely that I'll do more poorly and I'll just be wasting time and money. Please tell me what you think. :)</p>

<p>Save the money and focus instead on improving other parts of your application. A lack of significant ECs/leadership/course rigor/awards etc - not a slightly-less-than-perfect standardized test score - is what would keep you out of the Ivies. Even they cannot expect perfection on these exams. Plus many colleges only use the essay portions as a way to verify that you are actually capable of writing the application essays you submit (making sure you did not pay a professional). Just enjoy the rest of your high school career, taking challenging courses and keeping a high GPA/class rank, knowing you have one less thing to worry about.</p>

<p>Wow, first of all, congratulations! Those are amazing scores.</p>

<p>Don’t worry about the essay grades, though. If you do a good job on your Common App essay and supplement essay, I’m sure they will overlook the short, timed essays that really aren’t a measure of your ability. I know some schools completely disregard the writing section of the SAT.</p>

<p>In short, keep your scores. No need to retake, at all.</p>

<p>2380? 36?..Congrats!! Do not take it again, seriously…if your mom is not satisfied with those amazing scores, then she is nuts. Save yourself some $$, work on your essays and extracurriculars right now because that is all you have to worry about! Your standardized test scores rock! Again, congrats and don’t worry about them because those are awesome scores.</p>

<p>Sounds legit.</p>

<p>100% not a ■■■■■ thread.</p>

<p>Hmm, you’re right guys. I really should focus on other things. Thanks for the advice!</p>

<p>Yep, no problem. If you have a high gpa, i’d definitely try for the ivies with those scores. In the meantime, use this summer time to work on your essays.</p>