Should I retake SAT History?

<p>So, I've taken Literature (780), Math 2 (700), and US History (650). I didn't think that my low US History score would matter since most schools just want two and I have my math and literature scores for that. But the problem is for the schools that don't allow score choice. Will my 650 look really bad in that regard? I plan to major in International Relations.
So my question is just if I should retake US History. I didn't study last time, so I think I could do better on it, but I just don't want to have to study and then take it again. Will a high score this time around cancel out the 650? Or will schools not care since only two are actually required? I applied ED to Penn so if I get in then it won't matter, but that score is definitely a weak part of my app</p>

any advice?</p>