Should I retake SAT I? - advice needed

<p>Hi, I took the SAT I in Jan and got 690V, 800M. I then took the SAT II in May and got 800 Writing, 800 Math 2c, 740 Physics. I decided to retake Physics in Oct and got 800. Do you think I should retake the SAT I in Dec? I know it's too late for my early (Yale) but I was wondering if I should try to raise my verbal score for my regular applications. Please advise! Thanks.</p>

<p>(I'm an international student by the way. Malaysian studying in Singapore.)</p>

<p>Your scores are excellent...congrats! I would say you likely don't need to retake but if it's going to haunt you if you don't, start taking some practice tests and work on the verbal. See how your scores improve and if you see enough improvement, then retake. According to Princeton Review's site you're at the low end of their average verbal scores, so it couldn't hurt if you are confident you can raise it.</p>

<p>If you didn't already use it, get Verbal Workout from Princeton Review. That along with 10 Real SATs should help a lot.</p>

<p>yeah prob no need... it's all good</p>

<p>Thanks for your comments!</p>

<p>When I did practice tests for the SAT I before taking it the first time, I usually got about 750-ish for both sections, so I was surprised that they split to the ends of the 700-800 range (almost).</p>

<p>Hmmm... I guess I'll try a few practice tests and see what kind of scores I get before I decide whether to retake...</p>