Should I retake SAT I or II?

hey guys, I’m applying for the UC’s, and with that last SAT coming up before the deadline I would like some advice:

Math IIC: 780
Physics: 710
Writing: 690

SATI: 1310

Which would help more for getting me into those upper-echelon UC’s? I’m choosing between retaking the SATI and SATII Physics and Writing. My main target is UCSD, and although my SATI is relatively low, it is at their average (which is 1298 i think), and I would take a 50 point boost between 2 SATIIs over a 80-100 point boost in the SATI- am I correct in thinking this? Either way, straight 700’s on my app will look cool :slight_smile:

If i DO take the SATII’s, is it possible for me to tell the admissions guys that i got that 1310 at the start of my Junior year, and sort of suggest that my SATII scores are more indicative of my testing ability?

I also heard that there is a sort of course exemption bonus that comes with a 700 writing score; whether or not this is true will greatly affect my decision. Regardless, i will retake the I in december for the private schools.

<p>I'd retake the SAT I. Your SAT II's are good. You may want to consider also retaking the SATII writing only if there really is a requirement exemption for over 700. Find out. You can't "tell" the admissions guy how to interperet your scores, they have all the info, including date taken. Since UC is very numbers driven take the SAT I over. Also you might go up 100 pts from jr to sr year. Our GC said kids generally increase 100 pts each year, and this did happen for my dd as measured by PSAT predictions as well as from an 8th grade SAT. And retake of SAT I will help with the other schools you are applying to in case you don't get in UC for some reason.</p>