Should I retake the ACT with writing?

I took the ACT with writing a while ago and I decided to retake it. Since I took it with writing last time, can I still superscore the non-essay one with the essay one at colleges that require/recommend the essay, or do I need to take it with writing again?

Also, I saw on the ACT website that they can superscore the test themselves rather than have colleges do it, so what does that mean for me? Could I do that and not have to worry about the essay? I am a senior (I know, it’s super late) if that’s relevant.

Yes - schools that superscore will take writing and non writing tests. Don’t worry about taking the writing again (and very few schools even use the writing anymore).

If any of your schools do not superscore - that could be an issue if you need writing for that school too and you prefer to use your 2nd test - then you would need to take writing again.

You’d have to check specific schools for policies, but very few schools required writing before the pandemic and, with so many schools now test-optional, I can’t imagine taking writing again would be worth it.

I think ACT has postponed their planned changes, including publishing a superscore, but it really means nothing, AFAIK. Schools are quite capable of doing the math - they’ve been doing it for years.