Should I retake the ACT?

<p>Hello. My most recent composite score was a 27, and here were my individual scores:</p>

<p>English: 27
Math: 27
Reading: 29
Science: 26</p>

<p>These are my highest scores for all of the areas except English, where I've previously scored 31, 28, and 30.</p>

<p>My weighted GPA is a 4.074, and my unweighted GPA is a 4.0. I've been accepted to the public university that i want to attend, and they're offering me 5k a year with my 27. My next scholarship upgrade would be a full ride with a 31.</p>

<p>I guess what I'm asking is whether or not that's feasible. Can I really go up 4 points when I've struggled to get a 27? Is a 27 high enough for independent scholarships that would pay the rest of my tuition? </p>


<p>I would say so but, only if your not completing practice tests. I took the ACT in October and b/t then and the December test i completed 5 english practice tests. I didn't even look at any of the other subjects and my score pretty much stayed the same in thoses areas but, whent up 4 points in english...</p>

<p>Oh, okay. Yeah, I've never even thought about practice tests. (I know that sounds terrible, but i thought that paying attention in school would be good enough, though it clearly isn't lol) </p>

<p>Which ones are the most helpful? Those sponsored by ACT?</p>

<p>Well, the one I used/ am using is The Real ACT Prep Guide. I looked at one of my teacher's books and she had the Kaplan premier and I liked it better than Real ACT Prep Guide. I was kinda like the way people talk.. If that makes sense.. lol.. I have heard the Princeton Review is good too... Those are the top 3 as far as i know.. Well, a 27 w/o prep, GREAT!! I think... :)</p>

<p>Awesome! Thank you! I've used the Princeton Review Guide for AP World, and I actually ordered the AP Calc one as well because it's so effective. Hopefully their ACT review is just as excellent! </p>

<p>And haha well, I guess it's not bad. I'm just nervous because February is my last shot /: It'd be amazing to get a full ride with a 31, but it'll be hard.</p>

<p>Yes, it will.. But, I think u can do it!! lol.. It's 4 points but, it's probably about 6-8 questions more that u will have 2 get right.. Would love 2 know any tips that u have figured out... :)</p>

<p>Haha, yeah. </p>

<p>I think what's hard about the ACT is that it's all so subjective. It all really depends on the test, because my scores from the state-mandated test differed tremendously from December's. (a 20 in math in March vs. a 27 in Dec, a 31 in English in March vs. a 27 in Dec)</p>

<p>For math, i know that 55% of the test is geometry, which I took in 9th grade and can only partially remember. </p>

<p>It kind of sucks, but some people can really do well, so we can, too :)</p>

<p>I would retake it! Doesn't hurt to try?
Just do a lot of practice!
I would get a review book for math since you seem to not remember a lot of it. ^</p>

<p>Haha, that would probably be a good idea :) thanks. </p>

<p>But what if for some reason I end up doing worse? Can a university revoke my scholarships, or do they go with the highest score?</p>

<p>Yes! 10char</p>

<p>I'm sure if you send in more than one score, they'll consider the higher one. :')</p>

<p>Well, thnks... I know how u feel about geometry b/c honestly i just cramed to try for the "A" on the test the nxt day... Nnt good at geomerty at all.. But, some1 said that u can get programs for your ti-84 and, use them... Not sure if your suppose to. I haven't done it but i'm sure it helps.. lol</p>


<p>I didn't read the above replies, but I really DO recommend you take the ACT just once more. It is a matter of a full ride scholarship vs not getting a scholarship. This would be guaranteed. Imagine how happy you would be with a full ride! Do 20 practice tests (10 McGraw Hill, 5 Sparknotes, 5 Real ACT) between now and your next test. You'll improve a bunch just by understanding the test more. Go for it. If you PM me, I will tell you how to get your Science score to at least a 30.</p>