Should I retake the ACT?

Hey CC,

I got a 35 Composite on the ACT in April, but only a 23 on the writing. I am fairly confident that I can get a 36 C upon retesting, but I am anticipating that most people will say that it’s not important to go one point up once I’m already here. But, I really don’t like the writing score, and although I know many individuals claim that it’s not very important, can anyone back that up with some statements or data from top tier colleges?

I appreciate it.

I don’t think any colleges come right out and say that the writing portion of the ACT is not important. But there are schools that do not require the writing portion of the ACT at all. So, draw your own conclusions. Check what percentile a 23 puts you at and then see if you’d like to do it over. I would stick with the 35 and be very happy.

A lot of kids seem to be getting bizarrely low writing scores with their very high composites - sounds like a lot of people are requesting their writing portion be rescored and seem to be getting good results with getting them raised significantly.

I agree that you should request a hand re-score. There’s no real risk other than $45 fee. Your score can only go up or stay the same. It cannot go down.

To have your test hand scored, just submit a request in writing to the ACT within three months of your test date. Include your name (the official one that you wrote on the test), address, and date of birth along with the ACT ID, testing location, and test date from your original score report.

Multiple choice costs $45, essay costs $45, or $90 for both.

Thanks everyone for the quick replies,

I will definitely consider getting the essay rescored.

Does anyone have input on the jump from 35 to a potential 36 and the impact on my application?