Should I retake the SAT in November if I plan on applying to nursing school and my grades or SAT scores are not competitive?

I plan on becoming a nurse and I live in a state where a BSN (Bachelor degree in nursing is more favourable to have instead of an ADN(Associate degree in nursing). MY Gpa is not good freshman year it was a 75 ,sohomere year my gpa was a 92, junior year a 90, senior is incomplete. My sat score is a 1110 so horrible. I plan on going to college or uni for nursing but must programs are competitive and require a a 90 and a 1300 to be considered properly. My chances are few to none.

I want to know if it would be better to retake the sat in November and do early action in October for my top school.Then resubmitt again in December and November for regular decision if I get rejected? Also i am open to any tips !

PLese help any advice is accepted .

Help on sat and college addmission chances deeply needed.

At most schools, the EA decision is final for this admissions cycle. If you are rejected EA, you cannot reapply RD. You should hold off on applying until you have the score you need.

For test prep… If you can afford a tutor, that could be most efficient. Resources like Khan Academy are free. One other idea is to see if the ACT is a better test for you.


In which state do you live? If you are willing to consider schools in Pennsylvania, which has over 50 direct entry programs, you may be competitive for admission at some schools based on your current GPA and SAT scores. I would definitely check out the websites for specifics, but I would suggest that you apply ASAP to schools that have rolling admission, and EA to schools that offer that. Nursing programs are very popular, often fill up early, and may be full before regular decision deadlines. If you can consider Pennsylvania schools, I can give you some suggestions. My D22 had a somewhat higher GPA but lower SAT and was accepted to 3 direct entry programs and 3 pre-nursing programs.


Do you have an annual college budget? If you aren’t a Pennsylvania resident, the OOS cost at a public in that state might be high. Ditto the cost of private schools.

In your state, are there ADN programs?

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I would recommend that you simply apply now to BSN programs which you can afford, and which you have a realistic chance of getting into. Plan on a community college RN with a transfer agreement to a state college BSN as your backup. I don’t know if you’d be able to get that SAT score up in such a short period of time. The fact is that the SAT measures skills that are acquired over a number of years; it’s hard to cram that into a couple of months of intensive prep.

It really doesn’t matter how or where you get that BSN. As long as you have the degree, and can pass the nursing boards, you can get a first job, and after that, all that matters is your work history. That’s why it’s perfectly fine to do the community college to 4 yr state college route for a BSN. It’s also usually cheaper, too.