Should I Retake the SAT or take Subject Tests

Hey, guys, I recently got a 1450 on my August SAT. I was wondering whether it is worth it to attempt the SAT again in October (I am a senior) to get a higher score or to take the Math 2 and Spanish subject tests. The main colleges I’ll be applying to are Rutgers, NYU, UT Austin, and BU.

Look Forward To Your Opinions!

If any of your schools say they require or recommend subject tests, and you haven’t taken any already, you should take two or three subject tests in October. If they only “consider” subject tests, then you can decide if you want to retake the SAT. For the schools you are applying to, a 1450 is certainly not going to put you at a disadvantage, that will be around average. Remember, scores aren’t going to make you or break you.