Should I retake the SAT the 4th time

<p>630 v 570 m
590 v 550 m - Tried a new strategy, didn't work
670 v 600 m</p>

<p>GPA weighted 86- I'm lazy
Only a few EC's-I'm Lazy
Great Recs
Great Essays</p>

<p>My top 3 choices
Northeastern - CBA
BU- SMG</p>

<p>I have looked up teh average SAT scores for these (business schools) my verbal is out of range, but my math is too low. Do they look at each individual score or the scores combined? If i take it again i think i can go 1350+, is it worth it?</p>

<p>Bump Bump Bump</p>

<p>Bump Bump Bump Bump?</p>

<p>Hello? Can anyone help me out... Why doesn't anyone respond?????</p>

<p>Can you ED or do you need to look at financial packages?</p>

<p>Which part of the SAT Math was the hardest for you? How much did you prep before?</p>

<p>u kno why sycophant..bcuz u dont possess the 1500+ sat score that turns these ppl on...thats when they like to respond..well..honestly..i dont think u should take the sats again..bcuz its obvious ur procrastinating ways..will still show through ur app..but like ur score isnt all ..and i hear 4th time looks bad...soo just forget about it..apply to colleges..and pray..ahhh ..i hope i didnt come off as mean..didnt mean to..i think ur good..if anything maybe ur average could hurt u..not sat score</p>

<p>your screwed</p>

<p>mon verb math
jan 560 750
may 530 730</p>

<h2>oct 560 800</h2>

<p>conclusion: dec is my 4th time!</p>

<p>I'ma take it a 4th time also.</p>

<li>650 v 610 m</li>
<li>610 v 650 m</li>
<li>700 v 640 m</li>

<p>You ppl still have time, i am screwed!
1400 after my 3rd time :(. I haven't done my SAT IIs, so doing them in Nov and Dec :(</p>

<p>Hmm, newby you can still "grab" the january one.</p>