Should I retake the SAT?

Hi everyone-

I am a female junior in high school and I took the SAT on November 7. I got a 2270: 720 reading, 750 math, and 800 writing (a 9 on the essay though). I took a 6 week prep course and typically scored in the mid to high 600’s on practice tests for reading and math, so I did not expect to do this good on my first try. However, now that I know that I have the potential to get high scores, I’m wondering if I should retake (especially to bring up reading) to try for a better superscore.

I’m not aiming for the Ivies for college, but I am very interested in top-tier schools like Duke and Georgetown. I’m wondering if my current SAT scores are high enough for these… I get straight A’s and I do a good amount of extra-curricular activities/ volunteer work (National Honor Society, Secretary of World Languages Club, World Languages Honor Society, CCD teacher, Algebra tutor, varsity tennis, varsity golf, summer job at restaurant, etc.). I am number 2 in my class of 100, and I’m currently in all honors classes, two dual-enrollment classes, and two AP’s, and next year I will most likely be taking 4 or 5 AP’s.

With that said, is it worth it to retake the SAT’s? January is the last chance to take the current SAT, and all my preparation has been for that, but I’m worried that my scores will go down, which might look bad to colleges that require all SAT scores. I am also worried that if I cram in more studying within the next month, my grades and extracurriculars could suffer. On the other hand, reaching a 2300+ on the SAT’s could really boost my admission chances… Or should I just be done or maybe wait and take the new SAT or the ACT?

Thank you in advance for your advice!

I think your good with the Old SAT, as the Scores are good for almost all top Liberal arts colleges and Research Universities. I would say take the New SAT and the ACT after some practice for each of those tests.

You’re fine, anything above or around 2250 will put you in the running for most top tier schools, including ivies (even though you said you’re not looking at them)

Thank you @jman457 and @bluekou23 !

Clarification: when I say I’m not aiming for the Ivies, I mean that I won’t be devastated if I don’t get into them, but I certainly will consider them if my stats are sufficient.

how did you get an 800 with a 9 on the essay

Great scores. Don’t waste your time and money to retake. Go have some ice cream instead!