Should I retake the SAT?

In 7th grade, I got a 1550 on the SAT I, and a 7/7/5 on the ssay (7 reading and writing, 5 analysis) . That was the first time I took the SAT, and I didn’t study at all for it, save one or two practice tests as well as a prep class in which I played video games the whole time. I know that if I retake the SAT in high school I can get a better score (though how much better I’m not so sure, because I have a tendency to make a lot of silly mistakes, or else I would’ve gotten more than 1550), but since I got that score in 7th grade and it’s 99+ percentile, should I just keep it?
PS. Since this probably does matter, when I do apply to college, I’m not going to be that type of person relying on GPA and test scores, but rather major awards and extracuricculars/sports.

Sorry, buy you’ll most likely need to retake it, unless you already asked to College Board to keep the score on file for you. Their policy is to not keep scores on file if taken before high school, unless it is specifically requested. They’re already into the next testing cycle, so it’s probably too late even if you took it in the 2017/18 cycle.

Many colleges won’t consider SAT scores taken before high school. Was that 1550 on the old 2400 scale or on the new 1600 scale? If it was on the new scale you should have an issue getting a similar score again and if it was on the old scale you’ll likely see some improvement if you retake it.

This was on the new 1600 scale. I seriously doubt I’ll have an issue getting it again, since the SAT is pretty much a joke.

Also I thought that it would be on file for a year (I took it May this year). Last time I checked, it was there.
Also, how do you ask college Board to keep the score on file?

Sure retake it. You’ll ace it. It’s a joke. Although only about 10000 students out of the 1.8mm who took it last year scored that high. I would probably refrain from sharing how easy it is with the rest of your friends. A good way to create unneeded resentments. Not everyone is a naturally gifted as you and you should respect that and avoid over generalizations.

Awesome, @.swagmaster123. Definitely ask the College Board to retain it. Most schools as noted will not accept it, and if you want to go for NMSF you will need a valid SAT score within 1 year of the PSAT. Be one and done in late summer before junior year, so the material is fresh for October PSAT/NMSF just in case you get rusty.

You might want to pick up your two SAT subject test scores just in case they are still required or useful a few years from now. Many CTY-SET kids we know (are you SET?) do it in 8th grade for math level 2 and then usually a science at the end of 9th and you’re done.

Definitely be humble. Let your parents brag :slight_smile: Good luck, and always try to be generous with helping anyone who might need it when you get to high school.