Should I retake the SAT?

<p>I'm planning to apply to transfer to some schools next semester for Spring. The two main colleges I want to get into are UPenn and WashU. Right now I'm in my second year of college with a 3.95 GPA. I've took some science, math, and English class, and have gotten A's on all of them: O Chem, Writing and research, an arts and humanities class, Calculus II, and Statistics. </p>

<p>I really want my chances of getting in these schools as high as possible because getting in these two universities would mean a lot to me. Unfortunately, the first time I took the SAT I was very very nervous, so I ended up doing really bad and getting a score of 1670. Would my current course grades demonstrate that I have what it takes to get into these universities? I don't know if I should retake the SAT or not because I would have to spend a lot of time studying for it, which would conflict with my current college course work. I've also heard that colleges don't count the SAT scores gotten while in college. Would retaking the SAT to get a higher score greatly affect my admissions decision? If it will, I'm willing to sacrifice a little sleep for it.</p>