Should I retake

<p>ACT 34
Math I 740
US 780
Physics 720
Writing 620 (i know)</p>

<p>Any reason to wake up early again. Appling to iveys ect.</p>

<p>This seems redundant since you appear to know. Retake writing!</p>

<p>haha it makes me laugh how people come onto this site to ask questions they already know the answers to..just to get affirmation from the rest of us or to hear us say "oh shut up you have great scores"...
yea the only thing i see wrong is the writing</p>

<p>Ok. I see I need to rephrase. I aint gonna get a 720+ on that writing test (for obvious reasons :)). The other 3 SAT IIs average to 750. Do you guys think that writing score is going to seriously hurt my chances? Strait A english grades (honors) and 4 AP Lang self study.</p>

<p>yes it will. cuz writing is one of the two major subjects (the other being math)</p>

<p>hm...yea it might. even improving it to a 700 or a 720 as you said would help
its the appearance of it you know? i mean you dont send percentile to the colleges do you? so 700 looks alot better than 620 (i least...)</p>

<p>It will definitely hurt you. Colleges are placing more and more emphasis on a student's ability to write because in the past they have matriculated students only to have to put them into remedial writing classes. I don't think a 620 writing will get you into any Ivy League school. No offense but the rest of your scores are good but they aren't spectacular enough to excuse a 620. You have to remember that there will be other students applying with 4.0 English grades, 4/5 on AP, and even better ACT/SAT II scores. And chances are, these students will not have a 620 in writing.</p>