Should i retake?

<p>would you guys recommended me retaking the SAT? i got a 2280, and i feel that i could get a higher score, but is it necessary? (the most selective school i'm applying to is Cornell, i think). my worst score was writing by the way.</p>

<p>Your scores are in the top 75th percentile for Cornell. Focus on your GPA and ECs.</p>

<p>thanks newaccount. do you have any tips that could boost my chances with respect to the application, EC's, and recommendation letters?</p>

<p>new account is right, work on your gpa, ec and reco letters.</p>

<p>ok thanks for the advice guys</p>

<p>I retook a 2280 (it was my first try).</p>

<p>what'd you get after you retook?</p>

<p>^ 2400. :p</p>

<p>Yep :)</p>

<p>10 char</p>

<p>No dont retake, your score is already excellent.</p>

<p>What do you think guys, 2250 but 680 on the CR, retake? The selective schools I'm applying to: Northwestern, Duke, MIT, and Princeton.</p>

<p>What about a 2190 (superscore), 1470 M + Cr (superscore), to schools like Brown Ed PLME, Northwestern, Upenn, Columbia, and combined bs/md programs. </p>

<p>I would but i need to take subject tests, so considering i wrk real hard and get 770+ on math II and bio, could subject tests override my sat?</p>

<p>If the OP is only applying to Cornell as his most selective school then a 2280 is enough. OP, take a look at the RD and ED Cornell threads, you will see what I mean. Good ECs and even a 2100 can get you in. Take a look at those threads, you will be surprised (especially the ED one).</p>

<p>If you haven't taken it three times yet and feel that you could do better, then retake it by all means.</p>