Should I self-study for the APUSH exam?

Next year as a junior I will be taking an Honors American Studies course, which is a cohort of US history and English with a coordinated curriculum. Up until the grade before me, it was a combination of APUSH+Honors English, but starting my year it’s Honors US History+Honors English, the only difference being we don’t take the AP exam (difficulty and WGPA is the same for honors and AP at my school).

Should I self-study for the APUSH exam so I have two AP exams to submit to colleges? (I’m taking AP Chem) I’ve heard conflicting info on self-studying for AP exams, but if I’m taking a course that was previously at the AP level would it show that I’m pushing myself academically?

Would it be worth it to self-study, or would there be better ways of using my time and energy (ex. SAT prep)?

the answe,r of course, is it depends.

If you are planning to apply to universities outside the US that use standardized testing for admission, for a relevant course? yes

If you are looking to rack up college credits inexpensively, sure

If you are hoping to impress adcomms so they will admit you, nope

would it not improve my application even if this class was previously an ap?