Should I send a transcript update to schools?

My daughter is homeschooled, and one of her teachers (from an online school) just submitted grades for the first semester. She received an A+ for Spanish III. Should I send this update to her transcript to the schools to which she is applying? Since it’s not a core subject, would it better just to leave the schools alone at this point?

(Background: She is taught at home with private tutors for math, science, English, and Chinese, but takes online classes for Spanish and history. I’m thinking grades from a third party might be pretty important for a homeschooled kid???)

(nb, I’ve seen the threads on submitting extras to schools, but they covered extracurriculars or classes from previous years.)

Thanks so much!!!

I wouldn’t send it now. It won’t impact admission decisions.

I would send it later to the school that she ultimately attends, as it may help with language placement.

Personally, I believe that you should ask the school first, or if she has a specific person that she can ask, to ask them. Some schools may want to get these scores, and others might not. This could also show that you’re still on top of the application process, and you have interest. This is just my opinion, it could be wrong haha. (it probably is)

I would ask the schools as well.

I beg to differ with @Altras, as this is a FIRST semester grade, and her application might be considered incomplete without a full grade report for the fall. However, I also would have asked the schools about the missing grade before the application submission deadline(s).

I would just send it with a brief note explaining that it was just received and because she is homeschooled and it’s from an independent source, it might be helpful.

Fwiw, I would not reach out first given that M10 is just around the corner. In the time they could spend to say they don’t want it, they can ignore it.

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Agree with @gardenstategal on this approach 100%. Send with brief email, as it was technically due to them a few weeks ago (versus sending optional “additional information” at this point, which I would not do). I would NOT bother them with the back and forth of asking a question about it. Just a quick email with something in the neighborhood of " you may already have all you need but this first semester grade just came in, so here it is. thanks."


Thanks everyone! I sent a very short note to each school with the grade documentation. (DD’s transcript noted that the Spanish III grade was likely to arrive in late February or early March…so hopefully we covered ourselves there.) Fingers crossed for good news for everyone on M10! Thanks again!


I think that is perfect then!