Should I Send ACT scores?

<p>I currently have a 1980 SAT (only a 1270 math + cr) and a 29 ACT composite from one sitting. I have a 96.12 GPA, which I believe to be about a 4.0 (although I could be wrong), strong extracurriculars, a pretty good essay, and great teacher recommendations. I applied ED1 to CAS and already sent these scores.</p>

<p>Okay, so my problem is... that I just received my October ACT score, completely didn't study, and did worse (27 composite), however my English score increased, and I can now superscore a 30, which is a bit better than the 1980. </p>

<p>My question is... should I send this score to superscore a 30? Or would it look bad that I've done worse on my second ACT?</p>

<p>According to NYU, they only look at your best sections/only consider your superscore. I'd say just send it in.</p>