Should I send ACTs or SATs?

<p>I want to do the early action program. For SATs I got 680V, 700M, 750W, which is below my normal score, especially for the math (got perfect on math on psat). I want to take it again, but since I'm taking SAT IIs and the next available SAT date is Oct. 6, 2007. It says the apps have to be in by Nov 1 for early action. Can I take the SAT again and get my scores in?</p>

<p>My other question is whether to bother sending SATs in at all. My best ACT score was 33 overall with Math36, English35, Science33, Reading28, and Writing(Essay)12. On college board's site it only shows like 25% of people sending ACT in and 96% sending SAT (even though it says to only send one, I don't understand why these values don't equal one-hundred...) and on Stanford's site it said it didn't even have enough data to show ACT ranges for the new class. I'm wondering whether Stanford really prefers the SAT, and which one should I send in, 'cause right now my SAT isn't too hot, and they could both easily improve. Thanks for your input!</p>

<p>October SATs are accepted for EA. Also, there is SAT on May 5 and June 2.</p>

<p>Send your ACT</p>

<p>ACT looks better as of now - retake SAT</p>

<p>Obviously, 21% of applicants send both ACT and SAT. I would hope that schools don't prefer the SAT but simply that the applicants prefer the SAT.</p>

<p>your ACT is a lot better, send it in..</p>