Should I send in a picture?

<p>I was previewing the Columbia application online, and somewhere in it was the option to include a picture of yourself.</p>

<p>I most likely will upload a picture & submit it, but I was wondering....</p>

<p>Are there any reasons when one shouldn't include a picture?</p>

<p>Does it help in the admissions process - does it make you stand out, and even possibly more likely to be accepted (especially if you're attractive), or can it hurt you - (secret racism & prejudice)?</p>

<p>Would you or won't you?</p>


<p>Where did you see that?
Link please :/</p>

<p>... I highly doubt one would be accepted over another because (s)he was more "attractive."</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Page 14, at the bottom - right after the Personal Essay</p>

<p>Hmm first time I've seen that!
But they are changing to CommonApp, so they may be no way to send a picture online.</p>

<p>Anyhow, a professional photo would help put a face to the application.
It shouldn't help/hurt a significant amount regardless.</p>

<p>I don't see the option of attaching a photo anywhere anymore!</p>

<p>Yeah, it doesn't show up on the Common App =/</p>

<p>So upset Columbia switched to common app this year, & not because of the picture thing</p>

<p>lol sucks for beautiful people.
no i'm just kidding.</p>

<p>why are you upset? more applicants?</p>

<p>the common app is just way too confusing & too detailed</p>

<p>& I don't think there'd be that much of an applicant increase - at least not for ED anyway, & especially with the "economy" & all that</p>

<p>ED? probably not. RD? Expected to be a slaughterfest.</p>