Should I send my 32 ACT score? (Vs. 2090 SAT)

<p>Hey everyone. I took the SAT twice, superscored it, and got a 2090. (740 Math, 640 CR, 710 Writing). My SAT 2's are a 790 in Math Level 2 and a 690 in Chemistry. I sent these scores to all of my colleges I'm applying to.</p>

<p>However, I just got my ACT scores back. I got a 32 composite. (35 English, 34 Math, 27 Reading, 31 Science) . Obviously, Reading is what screwed me over but it's too late to take more ACT's now. Do you think I should send my ACT scores as well? Money isn't an issue. Well it better my application if I send these scores? I'm applying to a couple competitive schools so it can make a difference! Thank you.</p>

<p>You should send it. It won’t hurt.</p>

<p>Thank you. I just realized I posted in the wrong thread as well. Sorry!</p>