Should I send my AP scores?

<p>Hi I'm applying to Ivy leagues and upper tier schools but my AP scores are not very strong. I got two 3s (AP Bio and AP Calc) and two 4s (AP Lit and AP Psych). My mom wants me to just submit the two 4s, but I'm not sure it's worth it. I know colleges claim they don't consider AP scores as an admissions factor, but I don't want anything to put my app down.
What do you guys think???</p>

<p>Can anyone please answer this???????????</p>

<p>Colleges don't require official AP reports until you matriculate. However as I recall the Common Application has a place to self-report scores. My inclination is to be complete, because I think that an adcom that sees you took an AP course and that you didn't report the test score, might imagine scores even worse than 3's. It's also possible that your teacher recommendations, might refer to 3's since many teachers think that's a good score since at many colleges it's considered "passing". There's no shame in the 4's.</p>

<p>Alright thanks... anyone else have any thoughts???</p>

<p>I wouldn't send the 3s. In terms of college grades:
5 = A
4 = B
3 = C</p>

<p>Just like your GPA, you don't really want to see something that reflects poor scholastic aptitude. Don't forget that the AP test is a standardized exam and thus is weighed a considerable amount. It allows them to compare you against students nationwide.</p>

<p>But would you send the 2 4s?</p>