Should I send my SAT score to GW?

So I’m applying to George Washington University and their average SAT score is 1370. Mine is 1300 and of the three AP test I have taken so far I have a 2, 5, and a 2. That being said, I’m salutatorian in my class of 105, my essays are strong, I have a US history subject test score of 750 and I have a ton of dual enrollment classes with 5 AP classes this year, ec’s are good too.

Conventional wisdom say’s to not submit my SAT and AP test scores as they will bring down my application, however I’ve also heard that if I’m a minority or from a disadvantaged household(I’m a Hispanic male in a single parent family) then I SHOULD submit my sat score if it’s within the median (it is). So what should I do? And if I don’t submit my sat score does that mean I shouldn’t submit my subject test score too? Btw, I’m applying for the Elliot school of foreign affairs if that changes anything.
Please state reasoning too, thx. :slight_smile:

Yes submit that 750 on US History. That’s a perfectly fine score. As for the SAT, this is a tough one. I assume that you are at a small private school, what with a class of only 105, or maybe a small rural high school? Competitive suburban high schools don’t tend to be so small. The scores of 2 on two AP tests indicate that you didn’t master the material. But the fact that you’re 2nd in your class implies that you got A’s in the AP classes, but then got a 2 on the AP test. This would lead an admission committee to judge your high school as not competitive, with low standards. Usually, one might expect a salutatorian to have a significantly higher SAT score than yours, and AP scores of mostly 5s, maybe a 4. So if not for the fact that you are an under represented minority, I would say that you should NOT send that SAT, and if you cannot send only that 5 on the one AP, and exclude the two 2 scores, (which I believe to be the case), then I wouldn’t send the AP scores, either. In fact, if one of those 2’s is in AP English, that could really hurt your chances.

So this still doesn’t answer the question. What the SAT of 1300 says is that you are in the ball park of being able to compete, academically, at GW. I think that it’s not that unusual for URM students with good grades at poor high schools to have SATs much lower than 1300. I would say that you should send it. Being 2nd in your class, combined with an okay SAT score gives the impression that you are a hard worker, with sufficient aptitude/preparation to succeed at GW (which from your success in high school, I’m sure would be the case).

You haven’t really given enough context for posters to make a recommendation, as we are missing so much info (GPA, essays, LoRs).

The 1300 composite is just below the 25%ile score of 1310, per the 2019/20 CDS…I don’t see data for Elliott only (note spelling…please don’t misspell that in your apps as you did in your post), or class of 2024.

Fundamentally, do you think the 1300 strengthens your app? What does your HS GC say about submitting or not?

I would submit the 750 and the AP score of 5, but not the 2s.

Thanks a lot! Sorry, forgot to respond earlier, I am in fact from a rural high school and happy to know I have a running chance.