Should i send my scores!?

<p>O.k., so i am planning on doing early decision to penn this fall! I'm a urm (black) with really good grades, and most likely awesome recs and essays. My main "hooks" will prob. be my race ( i know, shameful), my research experience ( might be a published scientist soon! :)), my knowledge of the school, and my extra curric leadership.
My downfall: THE ACT
So, i am not that good of a test taker and got a 25, 26, 27, and then finally a 31 (which is not amazing but its in the 30's). I'm afraid that i don't have a chance at all already, because my 31 is not that high and the rest of my scores are really low. I've been contemplating on just not sending the other 3 at all, but penn "requires" every standardized test result. How would they even know though?
Questions: Will not sending the other scores improve my chances? How can admit officers tell if not all scores are sent? Should i send them? Do i have a chance lol?
All help would be amazing, thanks!</p>

<p>figured it out, sending them all. honesty=best policy.</p>