Should i send sat scores or act scores?

<p>Hey guys i just got my act scores(with writing) back today and i got a 31(27 S 31E+W 32M 35R 11 essay)!
I'm not entirely sure if this is better than my 2030 sat(690 R 680 M 660 W)
Which scores should i send?</p>

<p>Send both! </p>

<li><p>The ACT is more curriculum based, so your very high score there will show that you are a hard studier who has worked hard in HS. </p></li>
<li><p>The SAT is aimed more towards reasoning skills, and you still have a great score, if not outstanding like your ACT score, so it shows that you have very strong reasoning skills. </p></li>

<p>Your ACT is outstanding, and it's better then your (still good) SAT score, but neither of them are weak so I would send both. Most colleges accept both test scores.</p>

<p>thanks so much! i wasnt sure how my act compared to my sat. I hope my act scores make me at least a little more competitive for some of the ivies i have applied to.</p>

<p>I would only send the ACT, personally. The scores are close to equivalent, but due to the breakdown, I think the ACT is more impressive.</p>

<p>oh and also, do colleges place a lot of weight on the science section? My science section is the only section that is bringing my composite down.</p>

<p>The SAT doesn't even measure science so I don't think the ACT science would be held against you, unless maybe you're applying as a science-related major. </p>

<p>Science is definitely holding down the composite; this is why I said while your SAT and ACT composite are similar, the math/reading/writing on the ACT is really more impressive that those on the SAT.</p>

<p>My kid got a 27 in Science on the ACT and the 99th percentile for everything else. The science section on the ACT is weird and my kid even said that it was not real science. Anyway, the 27 did not negatively affect his admission to his school of choice for engineering. He was actually accepted into almost every school that he was interested in. No worries with the 27 in science -- it is still in the 93rd percentile nationally for all science scores. So, even your lowest score still has you in the top 7% for that subject.</p>

<p>So colleges don't just look at the composite score, they also take the sub scores into account?</p>

<p>They generally look at everything.</p>