Should I send SAT to Syracuse?

Hi everyone. I’m applying ED to Syracuse to Whitman. My WGPA is a 3.71 and I have a 1270 SAT but I don’t know whether it will hurt me or help me.

I’m the captain of the hockey team, played 3 years of varsity field hockey, volunteer w/ two different organizations working with children with special needs, and I’m in NHS.

Would sending a 1270 help me or are my GPA and ECs enough?

If you don’t send your result, Syracuse might infer a score for you of 1270 or lower. By sending in your score, you would place at the high end of this range. As an opinion, your result would substantiate you record, and should be sent. Best of luck.

We don’t have enough information to make a recommendation. Syracuse will look at your unweighted GPA…what is that?

Fundamentally, you have to decide if the 1270 strengthens your app, or not. If not, don’t send it. Did you do a Whitman admissions session? Typically they show last year’s mid 50% range of test scores, which would be helpful for you to know.

Does your HS use Naviance or Scoir? That would be another way to help understand the context of that 1270. What is your HS GC’s recommendation? If you choose not to send, I would not worry about AOs inferring why data is not there, I don’t see them doing that, especially this year.

Good luck.

My unweighted is a 3.36. Do they only look at unweighted? Thank you for your response! I’ll definitely check out Naviance

I just looked it up and the average SAT for Whitman students is 1309.

Is that for Syracuse class of 2024 or just your HS?

All I could find for an average SAT was for Syracuse class of 2022

Ok. So it’s likely the 1270 is below average for Whitman. Not sure that is going to strengthen your app, or not. I would defer to your HS GC and Naviance. Syracuse will look at your unweighted GPA but take rigor into their holistic evaluation.

Also make sure to run Syracuse’s net price calculator to get an estimated cost

A 1270 is the average SAT score for Syracuse so I would submit it. It doesn’t really help or hurt you but at least it shows you are in the 87th percentile for all SAT test takers and no one will wonder if you didn’t get below this number if not submitted.

Applying ED is going to give you an advantage as well (60% acceptance rate).

Good luck.

Thank you!

For reference, this site offers information on Syracuse’s general student profile in a standardized form:

thank you!

is it your top choice?
if so then apply ED.
if not then submit it because with your EC it is a good score and they can evaluate you with all the cards on the table.
how far have you gotten in math and how are your math grades specifically because when it comes to Whitman that is a top consideration.

Yes, I’m applying ED. Freshman year I took regular Algebra 1 and got an A+. Sophomore year I took honors Geometry and got a B. Junior year I took honors Algebra 2 and really struggled. I got a C- in the first semester, but I was able to get a B+ in the third quarter before my school switched to pass/fail. I had my math teacher write my rec and I explained that I got my grade up in the additional information section so I’m hoping that helps. This year I took honors pre-calc and got an A- so I’m hoping they’ll notice the upward trend.

I think you are in perfect position then. Good luck :smile:
When do you think they will release ED decisions? Friday 12/11? 12/15?

Thank you! I think they released them on the 17th last year but I’m hoping they release them sooner this year :frowning:

ikr :confused: are you applying too??

yep and I hope covid gets under control so campus can open again for the spring semester and maybe, just maybe fall of 2021 can be on the road to some sort of traditional campus experience. would love to be able to visit again, even if it is freezing.

I hope everything gets back to normal soon. good luck I hope we both end up there!