Should I send these???? PLEASE HELP!

<p>I'm applying to Syracuse University.</p>

<p>Today I received my SAT subject test scores.</p>

<p>I got 530 in German and 770 in Spanish. Should I send it even though the German is so low?</p>

<p>P.S: I know Syracuse doesn't require SAT subject tests.</p>

<p>You are allowed to send just one. I'd say since they don't require any in the first place then you should just send Spanish</p>

<p>^ Are you serious? I thought they always had to consider 2. Will they consider my score even with just one test?</p>

<p>I'm confused? You just said that they did not require Subject tests, so why would there be a problem if you sent in one instead of two?</p>

<p>^ Because usually, at least I've always heard, you have to send at least 2 :S</p>

<p>But if you don't have to send any, where are you getting your information that if you send them you have to send 2? It is true that at most schools that do require them they ask for 2, but if there is no requirement they can't say you have to send 2</p>

<p>I think if you submitted the 770 in Spanish, it can only help, and if they don't use it, it can't hurt. There is no req't that I've seen that Syracuse needs SAT II tests, so if you only send one, that would be fine. Your German score is not horrible, it just isn't something to draw attention to. They will see that you have taken the class, so that helps your course rigor. Just send in Spanish to Syracuse and save yourself some $.</p>

<p>^Thanks guys. I chose to send only Spanish :)</p>