should i... shouldn't i...

<p>i cannot - for the life of me - decide something. i have intentions to UCI as English major w/ 3.76 GPA (and expected 3.86 after this fall semester, if i get all those A's). TAG-ing UCI is out of the question. ECs are weak other than tutoring and some library work, so the PS is gonna be somewhat lackluster.</p>

<p>so now comes to the decision of whether i should apply to CSUs - and take that speech requisite class you need to apply. it's a back-up plan, if UCI/other UCs are a total bust and i get rejected, only to face another year at CC.</p>

<p>anyone have any suggestions/advice? i can't seem to conclude with some proper prospective, with all this paranoia and anxiety clouding over otherwise clear judgment. thanks in advance.</p>

<p>How are your pre-reqs coming along? You have a high GPA so I'd say you're in even if you don't do TAG. Don't settle for Fullerton.</p>

<p>why is tagging UCI out of the question?</p>

<p>@SMCguy - i'm pretty much almooosst done with my pre-reqs. there's only one pre-req class that i'm not sure i'm gonna be able to get done by the end of spring. so i hope that doesn't screw my chances. yeah - i definitely don't want to settle for a CSU either!</p>

<p>@uctransferhope - AP credits are excluded for UCI TAG. hugeeeee bummer for me.</p>

<p>I think you're in even with missing the prereq!</p>

<p>take the speech class you never know with UC's so just be safe and take the speech class</p>

<p>@SMCguy & nadiavar - hah, thanks guys. XD the conflicting parties in my head~ i'm gonna sleep on it, i think, for a clear mind. on one hand - being safe IS the smart choice. but i don't want to take the speech class if i can fill it up with another that's more lucrative to the major.</p>

<p>@qam256 - thanks, but that's a bit nonsequitur to the thread. nonetheless, good to hear...uhm, opinions?</p>

<p>Apply to UCI but keep an open mind to Cal/UCLA. Visit, explore, and seriously consider them. You have a good chance of getting into both.</p>

<p>yup, "aim high and expect the worst" is the famous quote that someone in this forum made. I think you have a pretty good chance for cal and UCLA, just keep up ur GPA and get ur major pre done. For UCI, even tho you cant complete ur major pre, u will still get in. UCI unlike cal and UCLA, they are more strict toward the completeness of major pre in term of EC for transfer application. Therefore, dont worry about ur EC. In addition, if i were u, i would forget about cal state and focux on the class i need for UC. Good luck</p>

<p>and other uc's ^^ seriously, check em all out in person..i think you may change your mind about where you want to go. i couldnt decide until i hit up different friends at various schools around california and got an insider's view of each. </p>

<p>anywho, not all CSU's are all that bad, some are great! but if you want to go to a UC, then by golly have the motivation to get yourself in. which, it seems like you do.</p>

<p>good luck</p>

YouTube</a> - Nadia Gets into Berkeley</p>

<p>apply to both UC's and CSUs just push yourself to get it all done and you will </p>

<p>and everyone is right, dont settle for just UCI, your GPA is right where mine was when I got in :D</p>

<p>gosh - thanks for the support everyone. i mean, i'm applying to UCLA and other UCs too - probably sounded like i was just applying to UCI, i realize now in my original post. i just didn't...really TAP it out at LA, so i was concerned my chances were low with that, on top of a lackluster PS and poor ECs. but this does give me a sort of ego boost, which most transferees are susceptible to and need of, hah. thanks everyone again!</p>

<p>simplistical - "@uctransferhope - AP credits are excluded for UCI TAG. hugeeeee bummer for me." </p>

<p>...Wait, WHAT?!? D: Can you please PM me about this?</p>