Should I Start Now...?

<p>I want to do 4 APs - Psychology, Art History, English Literature and English Language.
I don't wanna do them altogether because it'd probably affect my overall GPA which I can't afford. So I'm doing Psych this year and English next year. </p>

<p>When should I do art history? If I start studying for it now, would I manage by May? Or would it be sensible to do it next year instead, with a whole year to study for it?</p>

<p>Keeping in mind I have first term exams in april.</p>

<p>Depends on your school really. </p>

<p>At my HS, taking 3 AP courses is a death sentence really because the teachers have the mindset to make you do work to learn instead of independently learn. (what happens when you try to take ~18 scoring ACT kids and make them learn AP material)</p>

<p>As for exams..</p>

<p>Physc is very easy to self study. </p>

<p>English Language is just inherit ability in english if you're a strong english speaker its just a week learning the format of the exam.</p>

<p>AP Lit is different its a harder multiple choice + you need knowledge of "works of literary merit" </p>

<p>Art history is hard it should be a full year in class course for the exam.</p>