Should I start studying?

<p>I have the whole summer to myself because I didn't get an internship that I wanted. So, I was going to get a job. In addition to a job, do you think I should start studying for the LSAT? I've just finished my sophomore year in college, so I'm worried that it may be a little early.</p>

<p>I just finished my sophomore year, too. A pre-law friend of mine has already started studying in anticipation of the June 08 LSAT. I'm doing a summer abroad program but I plan to buy all the materials I need when I return in August to start prep for either the June or October 08 exam.</p>

<p>LSAT results last five years. May as well take them when you like.</p>

<p>If it's important to you to score high, then I would definitely start familiarizing myself with the types of questions they are putting on the exam.</p>