Should I stay in accounting or not?

<p>I am currently a accounting major but I am not sure if I like it or not. When I think about it, being an accountant seems interesting but I get so bored in the classes. In my school you have to take 10 accounting classes to be a accounting major and I took 2 so far.</p>

<p>Another issue is I have been dealing with depression (diagnosed) through out my college career, and as a result I have a low GPA (2.77). I got a C- in one accounting classes and got B- in another. I am also thinking about majoring in supply chain management. The lowest grade I got in a supply chain management related class was a B+.</p>

<p>I have been reading that accounting is very competitive. Would it be hard for me to find a job? With my depression, I doubt I would be able to increase my GPA to 3.0. If I keep my current GPA up I can do a MBA in internal auditing at my University. I don't care about working at a Big 4 firm. I would be fine with working for a small firm or small company.
Would it be hard for me to find a job? I have a older friend who graduated with a low GPA in accounting and he can't find a job, so I am scared.</p>

<p>At the same time, finding a job in supply chain management probably would also be difficult. Especially because I don't go to a very good school. I am afraid that my GPA is going to drop further and it won't qualify for a masters. What should I do?</p>

<p>Internal audit is not that difficult to get into. That’s a viable route for you.</p>

<p>So, do you recommend staying as a accounting major? I do think I can get my GPA up if I switched to supply chain management but I don’t know by how much.</p>

<p>Also, I just checked and my school is AACSB accredited. Not sure if it makes a difference since it’s not very hard to get into (at least it wasn’t when I got in, it’s getting harder now). Big 4 firms usually don’t recruit at my school. I know one person that interned at KPMG, and another that got a job at Deloitte after graduation.</p>

<p>Focus on your strengths and increase that GPA. You’ll have a difficult time finding an accounting job with a sub 3.0 accounting GPA.</p>