Should I stay in Student Government?

I have just started my sophomore year, and I signed up for Student Government as a class. We meet once a month. I am our Treasurer, but I do not have much to do this year and I am feeling disappointed. Student Government does not work the way I expected it to. Should I stay or should I leave next year? Might it be less exciting due to the pandemic?

What did you expect?
Was that a realistic expectation? Talk to some older students or your teacher/adviser about that.

Is this a chance to provide some leadership? Like if there is supposed to be a fundraiser and nobody is doing it…can you step up with ideas?

I would say to keep going this year and see if it continues to not be of interest then do don’t sign up next year. But do explore other options.

How is it a class if it only meets once a month? It may be less exciting but perhaps you can come up with some fun “zoom” based activities and fundraisers.

i have never been a student gov person, but if you don’t like it then why stay