Should I Stay Within Word Count Limit on Short Essays

Some colleges ask for a few short essays (e.g. 250 words). My child feels he can write a real good essay if he can have a full page to build up the story and deliver the emotional punch. Cutting down to stay within the word count limit will make the piece rather dry.

Thanks for your advice.

If they wanted more thsn 250 words, they would ask for more than 250 words. Effective editing is a life skill.

Just realized that this could be a moot point. I presume online app probably would automatically truncate anyway?

Follow the rules. That’s part of the application lesson.

Supposedly Lincoln once said, “I would have written a shorter speech if I’d had more time.”

Ignoring simple directions is not an attribute that colleges look for.

Heard it repeatedly from AO’s, one of their pet peeves is applicants who think the rules don’t apply to them because they are just so special/unique among the 30,000 plus applicants.

Thanks for everyone’s input. I do greatly appreciate it. Indeed, Everett’s undeniable eloquence notwithstanding, it was Lincoln’s a few words that would endure.

Thanks to everyone for setting us straight.