Should I Still Apply?

Hey guys i’m a rising senior and I’ve always wanted to go to MIT if given the opportunity. However, I received a 75 © in my Calculus I class (goes up to optimization). My overall math average is now an A- because of this. I’m primarily looking to go to MIT for Computer Science or Physics but now i’m unsure on whether I should apply or not because I know many of the applicants to MIT have amazing math averages.

You can still certainly apply. But if you are accepted, you will likely have to retake calculus (18.01) as it’s a requirement (unless you score a 5 on BC or have equivalent credit).

Honestly, your chances are pretty slim. What was the cause of your 75 in calc? What’s your class rank, and how did you do on SATs (both I and II)?

And it was just hard to decipher her speech. Many did poorly in the class too. Class rank isn’t offered but 33 ACT 800 Math II 790 Chemistry

Definitely apply. Many applications have a blip or two.

Without knowing any of the other particulars of your application, it’s hard to know if you should apply or not. Ordinarily, a C+ in an important class like Calculus would seem like a deal killer but if it’s a one-off incident and other top kids also struggled in the class then it’s perhaps worth a shot. You may not know your exact class rank but you should have at least a general idea of what kids are doing better than you. And, you should know if your other grades, test scores, and EC’s make you a competitive applicant to MIT absent the slip-up in Calculus. Good luck!