Should I still take SAT II in June?

<p>I want to take the Chem and World History SAT II in June, but haven't signed up for it yet (been too distracted by APs). there is less than two weeks until the june SAT II, but i feel that i study a lot then i'll do fine. But i'm still in doubt, so i was wondering what you all think about this. also, i was wondering how much is for a test if u register late (can't really check on college board since it's on maintance mode today).</p>

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<p>You should go for it. If you are taking the SAT IIs in the AP Subjects you have recently taken, you should be fine. However, the late fee is pretty high.</p>

<p>I recommend that you go on and take the free practice SAT IIs in the subjects you plan to take to see how well you would do.</p>

<p>thanks a lot</p>