Should I submit 1450 SAT for Northwestern ED?

My best sat score right now is a 1450 without superscore. I’m taking the sat again on nov. 6 but should I bank on getting a 1500+ and apply Northwestern ED? Ik that Northwestern has a policy of letting people submit their scores untill december 3rd but I’m torn right now on wether or not I should apply and hope for a better sat.

Although a 1450 is a score to be proud of, it is below the 25%ile for the class of 2024 admitted students (mid 50%ile 1460-1540). Haven’t seen Class of 2025 data, but that mid-50% range is likely even higher.

Unless you have a hook (URM, first gen, Pell grant eligible) you probably shouldn’t submit that score. Of course it’s difficult to make a recommendation with no visibility to the rest of your application…what does your HS GC recommend?


I have been thinking the same. I don’t have a hook and I haven’t discussed this topic with my counselor but I have asked several other people and they have all advised me to not submit. I would say that my GPA combined with my course rigor is Northwestern standard so based on that I think my 1450 sat score would probably hurt my application more than help it. With that being said, Northwestern’s policy for submitting test scores after November 1st is that people can submit their apps with test-optional selected and then manually update their new scores on the Northwestern portal up until December 3rd. I think I will go down that route and hope for a 1500+ on November 6th.