Should I submit a 1450 to Northeastern

I’m a URM applying for CS. I got a 790 on the math section and a 660 on the verbal section.

I probably would, but admittedly do not know the current averages at the school.

I think you should. That 790 in math is fantastic, and for Comp Sci, you most definitely want them to know about it. In your case, I wouldn’t pay attention to where a 1450 is in Northeastern’s overall stats.


Definitely submit, it’s not a score that would be considered ‘risky’, and so will only help you.

Anecdotally, I got waitlisted for cybersec this year in RD after being deferred EA and not submitting a LOCI (and in an admittedly a weird acceptance year with their over-enrollment last year) with a 1440 and no demonstrated interest in the school.

Good luck!

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I would also encourage you to submit that score. The overall mid-50% test score range is not applicable for URMs.


sort of, kind of true, maybe…

I would.

Hmmm… I’m the lone dissenter and do NOT recommend you submit that score ESPECIALLY for CS major!!!

Have you read about this year’s NEU application mayhem, with SOOOO many applicants accepted to NUin and NUbound?
If you’re happy with those 2 options, then submit your 1450.

NEU accepts a lot of students from our high school:
for 2021: 47 students were accepted out of 97 that applied.

For 2021, we don’t have final numbers yet, but of the 113 students that applied, I think half were rejected, a bunch ED were accepted, and the rest were bumped to NUin/bound.

My S22 (also URM) was accepted to NEU Boston campus.
I think he was only one of a small handful in the EA/RD who did get into Boston campus.
He submitted his superscore 36 ACT.
Son did not choose to attend NEU.

Good luck.

This was an atypical year for NU admissions. They needed to reduce the size of the incoming freshman class by about 1k due to an overenrollment last year to reduce crowding on campus. That, plus an increase in applications to over 90,000 meant the acceptance rate dropped from I think 18% to 9%. I think next year should have a bigger freshman class size.

I would submit the score.

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NEU will accept more students, but what will cause their # of applications to reduce greatly from 90K?
They’ll probably continue the application fee waiver and no supplemental essay AND still test-optional, making it way easy for all applicants to just click the NEU box,
vs say applying to MIT with their separate MIT application with 5 supplemental essays and $75 fee.

While the acceptance rate may not stay as low as this year’s 6% (for EA), it’s not going to jump back up to 20%+.

Most students pay the $75 application fee. Some students get fee waivers, but it’s not a no application fee school for most.


It was shared all over (reddit) to choose “email application fee waiver” and so you didn’t need to pay the fee.
No special code needed, no tour needed, no free-lunch special waiver needed.

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I don’t read reddit but NU does consider demonstrated interest, i.e. tours of campus and of course ED applications.

For the class of 2025, the middle half (25th-75th percentile) was

EBRW 700-760
Math 730-790

Your Math score is at the 75th percentile but EBRW is below the 25th. I’d suggest submitting.

I’m not a college advisor nor college admissions officer, but in these times of test-optional opportunities, I would definitely submit above 75%.
But I would not submit under the 50 percentile, even if math was perfect 800.
Because there would be other applicants with 790 math and just as stellar in verbal (much higher than OP’s 660).

And knowing just how much Northeastern is pushing to up their ranking, they love high stats. Going test-optional will allow NEU to accept you w/out risk to lowering their stats.

50% = 1490
= 730
= 760

75% = 1550
= 760
= 790

What if I applied ED? Would you still recommend that I go test optional?

I don’t know anything about the rest of your application, but applying ED would increase acceptance rate a lot.

I don’t know…
if my S22 applied ED, I still wouldn’t have him submit 1450 SAT.
BUT that’s me/risk averse.

2022 acceptance rate:
ED = 30%
EA = 6%
RD = ?

Did you see my post about S22 getting $31K NEU for College Board Recognition Award (on Ntl Hispanic thread)?
Not sure what NEU would offer you if you get in…
Can you afford to pay $50K+, if you don’t get financial aid? What does NEU net price calculator say?

The net price calculator looks good now and I’m also a National Recognition Scholar so I should get some money if I get in.

You’re a URM? I wold most definitely submit it. Admissions people have to be assuming that those who don’t submit have low scores. Your scores are a lot better than what they might assume otherwise - especially that 790 which aligns perfectly with CS.

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These numbers are very misleading because only 28% of applicants submitted SAT scores last year to NEU and 52% didn’t submit any test scores at all -SAT or ACT. Covid made last year an anomaly.