Should I submit a 1490 SAT for Northwestern ED?

I was wondering if I should submit my SAT score because my school counselors are strongly discouraging me from doing it. I got a 710RW and 780M and am applying as an undeclared major but am demonstrating interest in math, bio, and business. Since I got a high math score and am planning to major in it, I feel like I should submit it, but a 1490 isn’t in the 75th percentile for Northwestern, so would it hurt my chances? I’m not a legacy or recruited athlete but have demonstrated strong interest.

Your score is well above the 50% range and it’s a great Math Score you should be proud of! It may or may not help you, but it’s not going to hurt you to submit.

Heck yeah. The 25/75 was 1460/1540 and not all turn them in.

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Why are your school counselors “strongly discouraging” you from submitting your SAT scores of 710V & 780M ?

I wondered the same…especially ED

A 1490 is below the median of admitted students from class of 2024…mid-50% range 1460-1540 (so that reflects only the subset of those who applied with test scores), I assume that’s why your counselors are recommending to not submit, but I don’t know for sure….but many counselors are telling students not to submit test scores if they are below the median and the applicant is unhooked.

It’s fair for you to ask them specifically why they are making that recommendation.

What math class do you have this year? What AP test scores are you reporting on your app?

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I’m currently taking AP Calc AB and AP Physics 2. I’m reporting Stats (5), Bio (5), World (5), Lang (4)

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Thx. It’s hard to make a recommendation without seeing your entire app.

Looking at your GPA, and course rigor, do you feel like the 1490 strengthens your app? Weakens it? Neutral? If it doesn’t strengthen it I wouldn’t send.

OTOH, you should be proud of that score, especially the 780. In the end it’s your choice whether to submit or not, regardless what your GC says, or what the posters here say.

If you did submit, it’s highly unlikely that the test score would be the reason you are accepted, or not.

If you don’t submit, it’s highly unlikely the lack of test scores would have any impact on the decision.

Your scores will enhance your application.


Interested in hearing the reasoning, considering the 1490 is below the admitted class of 2024 median (class of 2025 range will be even higher) and we don’t have visibility to the important pieces of OP’s app.

Submit, definitely . Not submitting could cause the assumption they are lower.
The CDS lists 700-760 for verbal and 740-790 for math, for the 25-75th%iles for matriculated students. Both are in range and math is impressive. IT says 64% submitted the SAT (precovid). IME, there is no reason not to submit.


OP has identified the main reason which favors submitting the SAT scores: OP is applying as a math major with an impressive 780 SAT math score.


It is hard to believe your admissions odds will be hurt with a strong score like that, so I would submit. I think it will support you are at the level of other admitted applicants. Kind of annoying it misses the true average by a hair, but that would not bother me.

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Submit. I think your counselors are wrong about this. The math score is stellar and the 710 is darn good too. Colleges know that students have strengths in one area or the other. Your scores actually show strength in both areas but especially strength in math, an area you plan on studying further.


I would submit it. The more objective data you can provide, the easier it will be for the AO to gauge your scholastic aptitude. You have a strong math score and APs, so all you have to do now is write a compelling essay as to why you like NU and why NU should accept you.

Good luck!


I agree with the guidance counselor. Unless your SAT/ACT puts you ahead of most other applicants with similar socioeconomic backgrounds, it can only hurt. My daughter submitted a 35 ACT superscore (that’s what NU looks at) with a 36 in her intended major. Still rejected, even with excellent grades, ECs, etc. So I just don’t see how a 1490 can do anything but hurt your chances.

But we don’t know why your daughter was turned down.

Could be an impacted major. Could be activities, essays, LORs.

It could be the AO wasn’t feeling good that day.

Could just be that it’s Northwestern and you have to walk on water.

They admit 1490s and lower so it’s impossible to conclude it will hurt them.

Your logic isn’t necessarily faulty - there’s just no way to know.


Correct- we don’t know why. But my logic here is this: 35 didn’t help, so I doubt a 1490 will help either. Of course that’s assuming that the OP has similar circumstances to my daughter. Around here, it seems like you need that 36/1580 to get in no matter how good the other stuff is.

On the other hand, maybe I’m just bitter :innocent:

EDIT: OP did not mention RD or ED. I am assuming RD.


I said ED in the title of this forum.

Ack, you did- my bad. I still agree with your GC though.