Should I submit a 780 for math 2?

Hey y’all. I was hoping you could tell me whether it’s worth reporting a 780 on Math 2 in my common app; I’m applying to a few HYPES and I was wondering whether it’s even worth submitting if I’m already submitting an 800 on another one of the science subject tests. In any case, thanks a million for your help!

I would submit it. I have not checked every single highly ranked university, but I think that this is going to be above average for anywhere other than Caltech and MIT. Even for Caltech and MIT 780 is a good score.

I cannot recall what the E is for in HYPES. I am wondering if you meant HYP or HYPSM.

Yes submit it

MIT is no longer accepting subject test scores (subject test blind), but I would submit it to the schools that will accept it.

Nor will Caltech. Those were the only colleges where a 780 M2 would be on the lower side.

In addition, Yale will not accept Subject Test scores. So go ahead a submit this great score.

Math and Science Subject Test scores aren’t interchangeable, so a good science test score wouldn’t make the Math2 score redundant. When schools were recommending the tests, a math and a science were a common recommendation for many schools.

I’m pretty sure 780 will be average to above average anywhere that is still considering Subject Test scores. So yes, go ahead and submit it everywhere.

(Fwiw, Caltech’s 25-75% scores have been 800-800 since 2017. I think the last time MIT reported was 2017, when it was 760-800).