Should I submit a journalism portfolio?

<p>I am one of the best journalist at my school. of the five most important stories of the year last year, I probably wrote four of them, or at least three. I was wondering if I should make coppies of the four articles and send them to some of the more selective schools I'm applying to (Wisconsin, Texas, Washington, Ohio State, Pitt). I'm going to major in political science, but I plan on writing for the school paper in college as well, and maybe even try to get a job at some small local one (Particularly if I go to Austin or Madison)</p>

<p>The topic of the articles were:
1- Questionable firings by a school official
2- An editorial slaming ASB for having a "Soda Pong" Tournament, that the principal endorsed
3- An in depth look at the acheivement gap, and what our school/disctrict could be doing to close it
4- an editorial about how my home town is a failed metropolis</p>

<p>I might throw an editorial in from 08-09 on our districts drug and alchahol policy. </p>

<p>The question is: is this overkill or would I be well served to put together and submit a portfolio with these articles?</p>

<p>If you feel as if these articles add a lot to your application, then send them. If, however, they are just restating qualities about you that admissions officers have read somewhere else, they will be overkill.</p>

<p>What could be redundent?</p>

<p>I dunno they might not like it.</p>

<p>"slamming ASB for soda pong" sounds kinda ridiculous</p>